Frequently Asked Questions Regarding E-Resource Access Changes and Enhancements for POWER Library

What are my library’s new URLs?
Please visit the E-Resource Links page to obtain your library’s new URLs.

Are there known issues?
Yes. There are several known issues and we would appreciate your support by reporting any issues and solutions. For more information, to report an issue, etc., please see the Known Issues page.

Why does the new URL show instead of
The new e-resources page is now integrated with the POWER Library Portal.

Why is the URL the same for my library’s in-house computers and web site? (Public Libraries only)
POWER Library will now allow remote and internal access with a single URL.

When do I have to change the links for my library?
Your existing URL will work until October 31, 2017. However, we encourage you to update to the new URL as soon as possible.

Why should my library switch to the new URL as soon as possible?
Access to Scholastic’s TrueFLIX, the new e-resource provided by the Office of Commonwealth Libraries, will only be available to libraries that update to the new URL. Additionally, popular EBSCO e-resources Web News and Newswires are now available directly from the list of e-resources for those that switch to the new URL. Finally, remote access statistics (for public libraries) for some e-resources will only be available by using the new URL.

Will my library also need to switch to a new POWER Kids URL?
Yes. Please visit E-Resource Links to obtain your library’s new POWER Kids URLs.

How can my library offer access to a specific e-resource?
Please visit E-Resource Links to obtain the URL for a specific e-resource.

Where can I obtain a logo to use with the link for an individual e-resource to use on my website?
Images for each e-resource are available here.

How do I get e-resource support?
Please complete the Technical Support Form.