Ask Here PA Application and Agreement Online Form

  • Eligibility Requirements

    Staff that contribute time to the Ask Here PA collaborative service must have an MLS or be certified to be a Librarian in Pennsylvania. Additionally, as a collaborative reference service, participants must have a strong commitment to sharing the expertise of their reference staff.
  • This commitment is made for a period of one year and is automatically renewed or it can be terminated by the participating library or the Office of Commonwealth Libraries. Libraries may not alter this agreement. Commonwealth Libraries will continue to underwrite Ask Here PA contingent upon funding.

  • As a partner library in the Ask Here PA service, the undersigned agrees to work with the Office of Commonwealth Libraries, HSLC and other participating libraries to provide service in the statewide collaborative virtual reference service.

    a) Appoint a staff person to be your library’s Ask Here PA Site Coordinator. The ideal representative to serve in this position would be someone who is responsible for reference staff, scheduling, and will promote and integrate new technologies into the library.
    b) Send staff to training (training will occur locally or regionally).
    c) Contribute staff time to the collaborative service. The number of hours contributed will be negotiated between your Site Coordinator and the Ask Here PA Coordinator.
    d) Promote use of the Ask Here PA service to library users, including providing links to the service from the library’s website