New E-Resource Links are Coming Soon

New E-Resource Links Now Available for Early Adopters Able to Test Access

In our continued effort to consolidate all services under, we are changing the links to access POWER Library e-resources. As a result, all libraries will eventually need to update their e-resource links. Initial testing of the new e-resource links is complete but we are seeking interested libraries to work with us to test and identify any additional issues that might occur in particular environments. Libraries with the ability to update links themselves on their own desktops and/or websites are ideal candidates.

Frequently Asked Questions
For more information and to obtain the links for your library, please see the Frequently Asked Questions Regarding E-Resource Access Changes and Enhancements for POWER Library.

Known Issues

Technical Support for Testing
For e-resources support and to report the results of your testing during this phase, please complete the new Technical Support Form or email us at